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  1. How do I become a member?

    In order to become a member you must do one of the following:


    Option One:  The easiest and quickest way is to go to the Members page, then click on the green 'Join Site' button.  Once you fill out your profile info. and submit, you will then be a member and subscribed to our newsletter instantly.




    Option Two:  Subscribe to our newsletter and join our site by sending an email to * for an invitation to be sent.


    Once you receive the invitation email and have clicked on the join link, fill out the information screen and submit.  You will become a member instantly and be subscribed to our newsletter.  Once you're a member, we will send you a message to your profile on the members page that will contain your login access information for exclusive access to our 'games' page.


    *All contact email information can be found on the Contact page.

  2. How long will it take to receive the initial invitation email? (Regards to 'Option Two' above)

    Normally, emails will be received within 48 hours of request (business days).  This means, if you emailed the request on Tuesday, you should expect our invitation no later than 5PM CST on Thursday.  However, if you emailed the request on Friday, you will not receive our invitation email any sooner than Monday, or no later than 5PM CST on Tuesday.


    This is subject to change depending on the number of requests we receive.  Potentially, you will receive the email the day of request (excluding Saturday/Sunday).

  3. Is it free to become a member?

    Yes, it is completely free.  You will never be charged and grants you exclusive access to our Games page.

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  1. How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

    Please see the 'How do I become a member?' FAQ.

  2. How long will it take for me to receive my invitation email?

    Please see the 'How do I become a member?'' FAQ.

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  1. How do I order/make a purchase?

    Currently, we don't have an ordering process in place on the site.  However, if you would like to make a purchase or have questions regarding one of our services, please contact our sales department at: (visit Customer Service FAQ).

  2. What if I have a problem/inquiry regarding my order?

    If you have any problems or questions relating to an order, please contact either *customer service or the *sales department (visit Customer Service FAQ).

    *All contact email information can be found on the Contact page.

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Customer Service

  1. How do I contact customer service?

    To contact customer service if you have questions regarding our services, questions regarding your purchase or any comments, email customer service department at


    *All contact email information can be found on the Contact page.

  2. How long will it take to get a response to my inquiry/question?

    Please allow a minimum of 48 hours (business days) for the customer service department to respond.  This will allow them necessary time to review your email and take the appropriate action or response to your inquiry/question.


    For a better understanding of 48 hours (business days), please read the answer to, "How long will it take to receive the initial invitation email?" in 'Membership' FAQ.

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  1. What advertising space are you selling?

    We are selling space on our Links page to post your *link.  Your link will also have a preview picture of your website next to the link.  Additionally, your business/website will be mentioned in our news section each month.


    *We will not post any links or banners to adult sites or any site that may contain information deemed to be illegal. (Adult sites consist of pornographic material, dating or of strong graphic images/language).  Any violation of these terms, constitutes an immediate removal of advertisement from our site with no refund.  We reserve the right to evaluate all requested website links for content and deny any advertisement of links at our discretion.

  2. What is the rate/charge to have my link posted on

    The annually rate is $60 ($5 a month).  The first five companies/websites to sign up for advertising space will only pay *$30 ($2.50 a month).  Currently, we do not offer monthly rates.  All rates are annually only.


    *This rate is for one year only.  Your next annual rate, if so desired to continue purchase of advertising space, will return to the ongoing price of $60.

  3. How to I purchase/request/sign up for advertising space?

    If you would like to purchase/request advertising space (posting of your company/website link), please send an email to our sales department, with subject heading of "Advertising," to sales@grimmreaperproductions.

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Website Problem

  1. If I encounter a problem viewing the website, who do I contact? I found a mistake/flaw in the website, how do I contact Grimm Reaper Productions?

    If you encounter a problem/flaw or see a mistake, please contact the *Webmaster at  Please give as much detail as possible (page, paragraph, nature of problem).


    *All contact email information can be found on the Contact page.

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Games Page Access

  1. How do I access the Games page to play the game(s)?

    In order to have access to the Games page, you must become a member. Only after becoming a member, will you be granted exclusive access with a loginid/password.  To find out how to become a member, read the "How do I become a member?" on the 'Membership' FAQ.

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