Grimm Reaper Productions™

Capturing The Soul Of Film & Video Production

About Us:

Grimm Reaper Productions™ is a small, independent studio that does film/video post-production, which consists of the following: Animation, Blu-ray/DVD Authoring, Video Editing & Video Transferring.  We work in both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) formats.

Additionally, we also produce Foley/Sound Effects and Music Soundtracks for film/video work.

Even though our name might suggest we only work in the horror genre, this is a misconception.  We do not specialize in any particular genre of film/video production.  We provide services that cater, primarily, to the average household.  However, our quality of work is perfectly capable for broadcast and film.

Grimm Reaper Productions™ was founded in El Cajon, California in late 2004.  Consisting, mainly, of a one man operation.  Majority, of the first few years, were used to start the foundation of the business by starting from scratch.  This meant that it had to be built from nothing...from building custom purchasing or creating new software.  Even building the staff and animators was a slow beginning.


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