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Forbidden & Silent New Year

Posted on January 16, 2011 at 6:00 AM

Happy New Year folks!

Well, things have been busy here.  We're only 16 days into the new year and we're already running mad with two projects, but more on that in a bit.  First, we wanted to apologize for those who were looking forward to receiving our newsletter on a more regular basis.

Back in September we said we would start sending our newsletter more frequently, but alas, we haven't been able to reasonably keep that goal.  Reason, mainly two... one, we're swamped with the forementioned projects, and two, we haven't found someone to be solely in charge of the newsletter.  So, for the time being, newsletters have been suspended indefinitely.

Now back to those projects.  We are working on two films.  One you might recall, in earlier news, is The Forbidden.  But, we have recently started work on another film by director Matt Spease, called Silent Vengeance.

The Forbidden, we're sure many were wanting to hear more about, has finally been rough edited and will be in post with us.  To update, we're doing some visual effects on the film, as well as some sound re-recording and remixing.  The film is getting an HD render while we start on the rough visual effects.  Once the HD render is done, we'll get the full film for post production and do our magic.  "Like" our Facebook page to keep updated on the progress.

Silent Vengeance, as mentioned before, is from Matt Spease and his production company, Dark Night Films.  Who, incidently, worked on The Forbidden as a cameraman.  After seeing our preliminary work for that film, he asked us to be involved in his sequal film to The Chameleon Killer.  He had a viewing of The Chameleon Killer for us and we thought being a part of a sequel sounded promising.

So here we are, beginning the new year by diving deep into two films.  We look forward to continued success for this year and can't wait to see where it leads us.... "capturing the soul of film and video production" one after another.

To learn more about the films, visit their links on Facebook.  And don't forget to "like" them to keep updated.

The Forbidden

Dark Night Films

Silent Vengeance

The Chameleon Killer

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